We are discontinuing our training programs effective Jan 1, 2007 available to the general public. However, we will still continue to offer training by request at community colleges and are available for our lecture series geared towards funeral service professionals. Please contact us at 415 972 8000 to ask about our training.

Funeral Service Training Courses

For anyone looking for a career change, embarking on a new career or wanting to gain insight into the afterlife, bluelips.com offers an extensive introductory course in funeral career training. The course is geared towards preparation prior to entering mortuary college and the individual state requirements and licensing laws or anyone just wanting a further comprehension surrounding death.

The instructor led courses began in Aug of 2002 called "Not Just another Dead End Job" In Dallas, Texas, to further explore the fundamental teachings of those wishing to pursue a career as a funeral director or embalmer.

The funeral profession at a glance

In acquiring a through understanding of the many facets of the funeral industry clearly allows one to establish if they are in fact suited to enter into the profession; and why every aspect is openly discussed and covered in the 2 day course prior to mortuary college registration.

With the ongoing success of our course, has allowed us to further expand on courses covering topics such as Obituary Writing, Becoming Consumer Savvy and Life Celebrations all of which are attributed to the funeral industry and carry vital knowledge for the funeral directors.

For anyone wishing to attend our funeral services introductory course, please contact us to register for one of our upcoming classes at: 415 972 8000 or follow this link to complete your request.

Featured Funeral Services Training Courses

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