Death By Chocolate

Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with anatomical treats in creamy smooth milk chocolate. For the fun of it all, has the ideal gag gift to give on Halloween or for the prankster within you wanting to create an element of shock while gnawing away on a chocolate skull. Becoming an organ donor has never been simpler with our edible selection of sinfully molded chocolate body parts.

For centuries chocolate has been given to capture the essence of love. What better way to express your love by giving your sweetheart a chocolate heart in a life like replication of the organ, symbolically holding them near and dear to your heart. Serving up the medical profession, doctors love giving away these tasty chocolate delights to their patients, from chocolate cherry filled mini brains to the ogling milk chocolate eyeballs.
Nibble on an ear or munch on some toes, one's perception of death by chocolate can take on many forms of the chocolate lovers' fetish for chocolate pleasures. At we carry an array of chocolate body parts to die for and bite into.

At Bluelips we are always evolving so be sure to check out our morbid candy as well.

Shipping Conditions & Volume Discounts
Chocolates must be shipped Express Mail or Overnight Mail from May-Sept we will ship the cheapest overnight method based on each individual order and carriers that are available. You will only be charged exact shipping.
We do offer discounts on large quantities of any of our chocolate. If you want to order in quantities please call us for an exact quote at 972-504-6666. Custom orders require 1-2 weeks so that the chocolates can be made and shipped.

Sorry but we can only ship chocolate within the United States. We cannot ship chocolate outside the US due to customs regulations.

Featured Chocolate Body Parts, Brains, Skulls & Hearts