Anubis the Lord of the Dead

Characterized by ancient Egyptian mythology, Anubis the God of embalming and protector of the dead is divinely captured in several compositions in black and gold anubis statues of the hybrid God. Said to have guarded the tomb of King Tutankhamen the mysticism surrounding Anubis remains steadfast in tell told tales of Egyptian times. The spirit of Anubis lives on and remains one of the most coveted Egyptian artifacts for collectors worldwide.

Fine Anubis Gifts to Keep the Underworld Alive encapsulates the essence of Anubis with rare and unusual artistic pieces reflecting the images of the half human half animal with the head of a jackal in freestanding replicas. Egyptian art impales itself on fine details from the hieroglyphics to colorful paintings of the King Tut Sarcophagus. has gathered one of the finest combinations of collectible Egyptian art to include anubis statues, framed paintings, candles, watch and elegant keepsakes such as hand painted Canopic Jars depicting the various Egyptian Gods.

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