Novelty Pens

Put your heart and soul into your writing with a pen designed to get your creative juices flowing and allow your sense of warp to come shining through. No bones about it, baring the brunt of a writer's block can be an artery popping experience; can help you get your blood flowing for aspiring writers with our uniquely designed pens.

Gift Giving with Anubis, Bone or Skeleton Pens

Not just a cool writing tool, but makes the ideal corporate gift giving solution or promotional item for executives and clients. These must have novelty pens available at come in a number of designs from the gothic, skeleton to the Egyptian classics of Anubis and King Tut pens. Our two pack artery and femur pen sets are the perfect way for pen pals to spill their hearts outs and share by giving your friend a matching pen, now you'll have something to write about.

Featured Novelty Pens, Anubis, Mummy and King Tut Pens

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Bone Pen