Gothic Gifts

Evil returns with primordial gargoyles galore and skeleton skulls for the gothic enthusiast. Straight from the gothic gallery of, we bring you a cornucopia of sinister indulgence. Illuminate your lair with gothic candle holders, incense burners and for those afraid of the night we bring you the grim reaper light to calm even your darkest fears. Many tales have been told of the gruesome goth, but not so nor is fair; goths can now show they care with a floral bouquet of dead flowers to darken even the brightest moments.

The Gothic Art Lovers Paradise at

Caskets, crosses, coffins and cauldrons a smorgasbord of deviant delights, has something for both young and old where even skull mirrors and combs are sold. Carry your snack in a lunch pack depicting the Day of the Dead that is certain to turn heads, from the office to school your friends will think you're cool. Last but not least we provide the gothic family with a sinful treat, a skull toilet brush and holder for your bathroom retreat.

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