Grim Reading

Tossing and turning or having troubles sleeping at night, don't reach for sleeping aids or a glass of hot milk, pick up a book of grim readings and off to a gentle slumber you will soon be. Goose bumps and hair raising stories to send chills down your back what better way to unwind and relax. If never afraid of the dark, carries scary tales to embark on your heart with gut wrenching books of horror and death to further your knowledge of the after life and the journey back.

Chill Out With One of Our Books on Death and The After Life

Expand your cranium with books available in a number of genres from award winning writers surrounding the mysteries of death. Taking it one step beyond, brings you books that provide a satirical look at death. Literary laughs and other diversions take on a comedic approach in our selection of mortuary readings, mocking death and people's perception surround the delicate subject is brought to life by author's and comedians alike.

Featured Grim Reading Death Sellers