Cooking with Spice Makes Every Meal a Delight

Put some spice into your life with delectable hot sauces to sizzle the senses. Add delicious flavor to your favorite dish with gourmet spices, sauces and seasonings. Give your wings some zing with fiery Embalming Fluid Wing Sauce made from one of the worlds hottest Cayenne Peppers and Habanero Peppers. Experience passion on your palate with hot sauces from that captures the essence of cooking with sensuous gourmet rubs, mustards and ketchups bursting with flavor. Spark your taste buds with tantalizing and satisfying killer hot sauces by putting the bite in burgers with Dead and Buried Hot Sauce. Give your favorite chili recipe a punch with a little shake of Embalming Fluid Chili Mix for a savory and sumptuous taste.

Cajun Gourmet Rub for a Mexican Fiesta

Heat up your meat with Embalming Fluid Gourmet Cajun Rub and make ordinary entries extraordinary. Whether you're cooking Mexican, Italian or Oriental cuisine turn yourself into chef extraordinaire by cooking with sauces that add zest to all your meals while igniting your taste buds. If you like it hot our spices and sauces will hit the spot and warm you from head to toe for a palatable sizzling sensation.

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