Toe Tags To Go

Just like Christmas presents, boxed, wrapped and tagged, our toe tags are the ideal way to let everyone who you are and where you are being delivered to. Even in death we all have to be somewhere and let there be no mistakes with our selection of toe tags in small and large sizes.

Embalming Accessories

Bluelips also offers embalming accessories including complete embalming kits to be used with caution and care, these kits are ideal for any individual studying the funeral industry or attending Mortuary College. Embalming products of this nature are sold with extreme care and are for the sole purpose of furthering education.

Watching the time

For the last minute stragglers to class, never be late again, the Anubis watch will get you there on time. When you're in a hurry, always look your best with pocket and purse skull grooming combs to tame your locks perfect for the person on the go.

Featured Toe Tags, Embalming Kits, and Anubis Watches

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