Customer Comments

just recieved my order from you ladies.i just love every thing i get from your site!! the game is awesome and your day of the dead items have my youngest son green with envy.ha ha. i love the way you strive for customer satisfaction,you ladies are a class act. just keep on the way your going,it works!!! be hearing from me soon,thank you again,jeff.

Dear BlueLips, I am so glad I found you. I find it frustrating as a shopper to visit stores that constantly show "out of stock" on their items. When I came to you, you were "out of stock" on an item I wanted, but you were able to give me and "in stock" date and you actually exceeded that. You got me my item quickly and it arrived in perfect condition. I love your integrity and will be your customer for life. Laurie Escondo Millbrae, Ca

I've tried the rest and have gone with the best. Not only did you answer the phone and all of my endless questions, but you checked back with me after my order arrived. The personal attention was a really nice change from the way a lot of business seem to operate. Keep up the good work. Kare Simmons Grand Rapids, Mi

What a GREAT company! I recently ordered an item at the last minute for Halloween. Your company was so responsive to my needs, and with only 1 day notice, was able to get the merchandise to me before my Halloween event. I can't thank you enough for your kindness and willingness to go beyond the call of duty to satisfy a customer. Truly the best service of any internet company on the market today! You definitely have a loyal customer in me and I know everyone else will enjoy their shopping experience on BlueLips. Continued success always! Michael / Atlanta

Thank you for your efforts on my behalf. The pieces I received are beautiful folk art and they are a fine edition to my study. I've already told you about the postal carrier who lied when they said they left notification notices for three days. The DHL driver's excuse was even flimsier. They said the reason why they did not deliver the package was because they saw large water bowls and presumed that big dogs were hiding in the garage. Talk about the dog eating my homework school of excuses. Anyhow, thank you again for your impeccable service and your striving for excellence in customer relations. Thank You, John Driessler


I've been a customer of Bluelips since it opened in latter 1999. I keep coming back because I've always gotten great service and assistance from you. Until recently I'd never had an issue with an order, but my last order arrived broken. It was shipped, at my request, by FedEx. You not only apologized and made things right, you contacted FedEx and found out that the item was damaged in one of their truck accidents they had recently. The fact that you do whatever it takes to keep your customers happy will keep me your customer for life. Thanks again for coming through. Amanda Blake Hurricane, West Va.


Just wanted to let you know that I received the chocolate heart yesterday, and it was in great condition. I'm keeping it wrapped and in the box, in a cool closet until I need it. The cast party I'm using it for isn't until 10/27. I ordered early because I didn't know how long it would take to get here. When I dress it up with the knife and strawberry "blood", I'll take a picture and send it to you. Thanks again for the great product and great customer service! Maria Morales Johnson


When I placed an order for a chocolate heart with your competition I was left waiting for two weeks before they emailed me back that they could not fulfill my order. I was quite stressed, but searched on Google, found you and you told me you could help me out. The heart arrived in perfect shape, faster than I thought it would and you actually communicated with me on the phone assuring me that you could take care of this order for me. Thank you for a great shopping experience. J in Massachussets


"Hello, I just received my two grim reaper shirts and I must say the quality of the pictures and thickness of the shirt is absolutely AWESOME. Keep up the good work. I'm going to check out other shirts and see if I like anything else to order. Thanks again, Justin West Virgina"


"I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for all the extra work you did to get me my purchase on time. You went way above and beyond for me and I truly appreciate it. I also wanted to tell you the end of the story.


After you met Nicole at your warehouse and hand delivered her chocolate heart and ears she called me and was very curious. You did a great job of making her wonder what on earth I had gotten her kids. When I arrived in Dallas I put the gift together and presented it to her. She loved it. The next morning she gave it to her cast before their final rehearsal. They loved it as well. They each posed for pictures with the different chocolate parts. That night at the competition they did advance to the next level. They decided that the gift I gave them was their good luck charm so they left it uneaten until their area competition the next week. They did not advance from that area, but your chocolates were there! The humor and thoughtfulness of the gift was much appreciated by both Nicole and her cast. It would not have been possible without your extra effort. I have never had a more satisfying experience making a purchase on the internet. The special attention you gave my order is much appreciated and I will not hesitate to purchase from Bluelips again. I often tell this story and recommend your business highly to all my friends. I wish your business much success!"

Thanks again.

Karen H-Austin,Tx


"Absolutely the best customer service anywhere." Terri-Grand Rapids


"Your follow through on my order was excellent, and when the Post Office wasn't following up you escalated our concerns, found our package and even checked with us once we got it to make sure we were happy. You should work at the Post Office." Riley-Chicago


"Aloha, we were very impressed with your products and services and very surprised when you invited us to meet you on your trip to Hawaii. We hope you enjoyed our islands. And thank you for delivering part of our order personally. That was a nice touch." Kahaleu-Honolulu


"I first heard about you from the Penn and Teller Bullshit show. When I first visited your website I thought it was really weird, but you answered all my questions and have some awesome goodies. I really love the chocolate we purchased. Thanks for a great experience." Justice-Loch Arbor

"The Post Office broke an item I purchased and you were genuinely empathetic and took action to correct the problem. I appreciate your due dilligence even though it was clearly not your fault." Art-Loveland

"I wanted to THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for EVERYTHING you have done for me with regard to getting my chocolate brains to me quickly and safely!!! It was my fault that I waited to place an order last minute - and despite that you called me personally and spoke with me about ensuring that my shipment arrive on time. You went ABOVE and BEYOND in calling UPS and then keeping me updated with the tracking number and important information. Further, I didn't even know you waited to charge my credit card until my brains arrived on time - THAT is OUTSTANDING and CARING service !! I plan to RAVE about your services to all of my colleagues, family and friends! It is individuals like you who really DESERVE a lot of business - thank you! And my chocolate brains are ADORABLE - I know my students will get a real kick out of this! Dr. Gat Lancaster, California"

"Your customer service was awesome, I really appreciated the updates on my order even while you were out of town. I also think it's wonderful how much you are helping others. My husband and I will be wearing your name on our race shirts when we do the Race for The Cure. We met one of the patients your donations have helped and wish to acknowlege that you aren't just about making money for yourself you really are making a statement and setting an example for others. I hope you live a long life. Julie-Colorado Springs"

"I just wanted to say thank you for letting me know that my child was trying to order from your site using my credit card without permission. Your contacting me says you are "on the ball" and are selling responsibly. I do know my kid has an interest in this stuff and if they still want to go to mortuary school when they are older I will definitely send them to you. Angie-Madison, Wisc"

"Excellent customer service, your attentiveness and suggestions for our party went a long way in making it a success. Jerry-Sacramento,Ca"

"When I wrote you a really angry email because I thought your business was weird, you wrote me back and were so nice I decided to buy some chocolate. I'm surprised it was really good, but now that I know you are for real I will be back. Ash-Boston, Mass"

"I really appreciated the fact that you personally delivered my DVDs to me to save me on postage. Since you were visiting from out of town I thought you went above and beyond in your customer service. And giving me a refund on the postage totally surprised me. Hana-San Francisco"

"At first I found the website really offensive and downright creepy, but after sending you hate mail and your professional response I've had a change of heart. I think anyone who comes here to criticize you needs to spend some time with you. And yes, I work in the funeral industry! Teri-San Jose"

"We procrastinated on our Christmas shopping and you totally saved the day. We ordered the Anubis CD holder on Dec 18th and received it Christmas eve. When we heard you first took it to the post office and they couldn't help, that you went the extra mile and got it shipped out DHL, you really went above and beyond. Thanks! Cherrie-Flint,Mi"

"I was impressed that you noticed discrepancies in an order that was placed on your site and you contacted me as it was my card that was being used. You not only prevented fraud on my card, but captured enough information about the perpetrator that my local law enforcement is able to take action. Thank you for you due dilligence. Michael-Denver, Colo"

"Just to let you know, Kenny picked up his package with the videos today.Thank you again so much!! Kenny said to tell you that he was eating a plate of BBQ Ribs while he watched the videos (HAHA just kidding!) You will hear from us again!Take care Sandy-Virginia"

"I was completely disatisfied with your service and will be reporting you to the Better Business Bureau. Jeff-Sacramento, Ca"
Note: This was from an individual who attempted to order from us using a stolen credit card. We confronted them and they were enraged and wrote us that note. To date the only people who have contacted us are the Postal Inspector for Sacramento and the Sacramento Police Dept.


"Thank you so much for the fast and courteous service. My daughter needed the canopic jars for a school project and when searching the internet I found you. You are a fun company to do business with, thanks for the fast shipping, too. Giselle-Port Arthur, Tx"

"I hated you at first, thought you were low class, no class and sick. You took a real beating from me on email and in your response you stood up to me. A woman with cajones, I have to admit I'm impressed. As a funeral director I've been told to stay away from sites like yours, bad for our image, but after speaking with you I've discovered that you aren't anti our industry at all, but you are anti bad people in our industry. Now that I better understand your purpose I support you 100 percent. And I hope you continue to do what you do for many milleniums. Love your forum! Rob C-Funeral Director CFSP Denver, Co"

"We received our Coffin Gem tie tack, cuff links and pendant today in great order. Joni is a meticulous artist whose designs may be copied but will never be the original. After comparing Joni's work to others we'll stick with her designs and craftmanship. Anna Nichols Milwaukee, Wisc"

"I'm so happy that you carry the original Coffin Gems jewelry here. I was very pleased with Joni's work and the design was flawless. Thanks for focusing on quality. Rema Gray Mill Valley, Ca"


"You have been so helpful in helping me plan our daughters Gothic/Punk wedding. We presented you with some real challenges and you handled all of them like a pro. Jeri Kline Los Angeles, Ca"

"I'm a for life customer of yours and I just wanted to say thanks for always having great goodies. Everything we have purchased has been first rate. I'm really glad to find a company that deals in quality rather than crap. And every one I have ever talked to on the phone at Bluelips couldn't be nicer. I've even been able to reach someone after hours which really surprises me. Keep up the good work. Your fan, Robert Muscro Normal, Ill"

"My husband showed me your website and I have to admit at first I was a little taken back, but it grows on you. My husband is especially addicted to the chocolate and I have a feeling that some day he will want me to buy him cases of it. He also loved his Coffin Gem cufflinks. Julie H. Aurora, Co"