Are You Addicted To Death?

o If you answer YES to anyone of our questions, or you find you can't stop laughing, then you could be a certifiable DEATHAHOLIC!

1) Do you constantly have strange urges to lay in a coffin?

2) Does the sight of blood make you want to see more?

3) Are you having trouble getting Mother out of the house even though she died 20 years ago?

4) Is your personal hygiene of such a nature that people accuse you of being dead?

5) When a bartender asks you to "name your poison" do you say "formaldehyde"

6) Do you constantly look for death and weird websites on the Internet and bookmark them?

7) Have you ever done career testing and has it pointed you in the direction of
body handler, hearse chauffer, adipocere expert of funeral director?

8) Are you oddly attracted to dead people? Have you ever dated Norman Bates or Janet Leigh?

9) Does taking a shower scare you?  Does the sight of a population of Birds put you into a Frenzy?"

10) Would you be on a reality show called "Dead Bachelor" or"Dancing with Rigor Mortis" ?