We use to sell on Ebay and our nick there is Blue*Lips, however we have not sold on Ebay for some time, but you are welcome to read our feedback if you so choose.

Your are welcome to read our testimonials, yes they are all real, but also check out our Guestbook for feedback. We are human, we do make mistakes and we do try to make good and make everyone happy. Unfortunately there is always one person that no matter what you do you just can't make them happy.

While we no longer sell on Ebay we do sometimes sell on other Auction sites, however our pricing is slightly higher. You will always get our best deal by shopping our website directly.

We are always happy to speak with customers, please call us at 972-504-6666 during our regular business hours of 9a-10p Central. If we are not available for any reason, just leave us a message. You can also email us at or for assistance. We are also sometimes available for live support. Just click on the link on the webstore homepage if it shows we are available.