Our Customers' Morbid Humor Photos and Pictures

We love it when you send us your photos. We'll post our favorites here. Please be sure to compress your photos before you send them so they don't come over as a huge file.

Matt and Kat


Dr. David Leppla, a neurosurgeon from Reno, Nevada has great taste in brain food.

Maria decided to spice up her cast party by presenting them with a bleeding heart. Now that looks yummy!

Meet Mo, the official bad boy of Bluelips. Don't you just want to grab him and hug him? Thanks to Michele, his real owner for having a sense of humor and for sending us this great pic of Mo modeling for us.

So you want to know what Bluelips looks like? This is an enhanced photo taken by our corporate photographer, historian and TB Baby Juniper Hoffman. We enhanced it by a couple of beers, a little hot sauce and the worm in the bottom of a tequilla bottle.

For years you've wanted to know if Bluelips has a bad hair day. Well now you know!

Now if you don't go buy something you will force me to kiss you on the lips!