Mortuary Academy DVD

Mortuary Academy DVD
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It's sick. It's sexy, it's MORTUARY ACADEMY and it's not for the squeamish! A bawdy black comedy with a campy all-star cast, MORTUARY ACADEMY stars heartthrob Christopher Atkins (The Blue Lagoon) with Paul Bartel and Mary Woronov (the unforgettable stars of the cult classic Eating Raoul) in a sexy spoof of the mortuary business. Forced, along with his brother Sam, to graduate from the Mortuary Academy in order to inherit his late uncle's $2 million estate, shy Max Grimm encounters the hilarious horrors of life after death. But when they learn that the corrupt Dr. Prescott (Bartel) has bled the once-lucrative school dry, the brothers Grimm enlist the help of their colorful classmates to resurrect a dead rock band and save the school. An outrageous mix of sexy sight-gags and campy humor makes MORTUARY ACADEMY the killer comedy of the year. 86 minutes.