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Just how realistic are the autopsy scenes in television's CSI? Using full-color photographs and detailed illustrations, Postmortem provides an exhaustive exposé of what really goes on in the autopsy room. The authors draw on 20 real-life case studies to describe the postmortem team of experts, the procedures they perform and the ways in which evidence is collected and interpreted. There are profiles of all the experts involved, including the scene photographer, the ballistics expert and the forensic toxicologist.

The entire postmortem process is described in step-by-step detail, from photographing the body to weighing the organs and testing body fluids and tissue samples. Postmortem takes the reader on a fascinating journey to the truth that covers:

• The death scene investigation • Determination of identity • Autopsy room protocol • Determination of the cause and manner of death • The external examination • The internal examination

The case studies cited highlight extraordinary real-life situations, including death scenes that challenged investigators, botched autopsies, and initial examinations that puzzled pathologists and led them down the wrong path.

Postmortem is a gripping story, perfect for true crime and forensics buffs. 176 pages, paperback, New condition and hard-to-find!