The Loved One DVD

The Loved One DVD
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The funeral business gets a giant raspberry in this wickedly wacky resplendently ridiculous farce based on Evelyn Waugh's macabre comic masterpiece and directed with inspired verve by Tony Richardson (Tom Jones). But the American way of death isn't the film's only target: sex greed religion and mother love are also in the crosshairs of its satirical shots. Robert Morse plays a bemused would-be poet who gets entangled with an unctuous cemetery entrepreneur (Jonathan Winters) a mom-obsessed mortician (Rod Steiger) and other bizarre characters played by such adept farceurs as John Gielgud Robert Morley Tab Hunter Milton Berle James Coburn and Liberace. If The Loved One doesn't make you laugh call the undertaker!Running Time: 121 min.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: COMEDY Black and White

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