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The Undertaking DVD
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FRONTLINE profiles Thomas Lynch, a poet and undertaker whose family has cared for the dead in a small town in central Michigan for three generations. In The Undertaking, a critically acclaimed book, Lynch offered unique and profound insight into what he called the "dismal trade." In an intimate and revealing film, Lynch helps makes sense of the ways Americans cope with death, grief, and life.

What immediately impresses people about this documentary is the compassionate manner in which Lynch and Sons treat each one of the families in this documentary. They are sincerely concerned for the well being of the families they serve. There are some truly touching segments in this documentary which will make you appreciate that there are funeral directors out there who are responsive to their customers. This gets our 5 star rating and hats off to Lynch and Sons for representing their profession in an exemplary manner.

60 minutes. Region 1 DVD sorry no PAL.