Traces of Death DVD Box Set 5 DVDs!!!! Out of Print and Rare

Traces of Death Collector DVD Box Set Brand New Out of Print and Rare 5 DVDs!!!!
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Out of Print and Rare Complete DVD Box Set!!!!


This DVD set is playable in ALL REGIONS.


You asked and you got it. Traces is coming back with added footage and gore, interviews and is packaged as a collectors edition. This is banned on auction sites.


The deadliest just got better, with additional music and digitally remastered. 5 DVDs!


Well here it is GORE FIENDS! Finially we deliver to you the GORIEST, MOST BLOODY, BONE CHILLING SLAUGHTERFEST of the century!! The Traces of Death 9th Anniversary collectors edition box set is here. Packed with MORE CARNAGE, this box set has been digitally re-mastered, including BONUS footage, interviews, scene selections, and much much MORE!!! You will witness actual suicides, murders, autopsies and embalmings. If watching these doesnt instantly send you running to your mommies then get prepared for shots of close-up exploding limbs, splayed cadavers and devastating car wrecks!! If your not satisfied by then, we have MORE!!! Witness the horrifying death of a tourist as he is devoured and ripped into tiny pieces of mutilated flesh by a hungry pack of Lions! Hear the hum of the coroners instruments as they tear through flesh and bone! Watch as the screen drips red with the blood of the innocent as a GIANT ROBOT TRANSFORMER goes CRAAAAZYYY!! See the gut wrenching torture inflicted by the El Salvadorian Death Squad! See mangled street thugs, puke inducing amputations, blood soaked car accidents and violated female murder victims!! See the infamous live highway car suicide!! Take a Look into a dark and gothic counter culture known as Suspension! And TONS MORE!!!


Available now for the first time on DVD! All five DVDs have original and extra footage on them!


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