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VooDoo Doll-Rare Collectible
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The practice of sticking pins in dolls, or poppets, actually has its history in European folk magic, not the Haitian religion of Vodou. Over time the practice evolved and became a method of cursing individuals with pain and suffering. Today the Voodoo doll has its roots in New Orleans Voodoo, which is a form of "hoodoo" or Southern folk magic. This evolution is believed to have stemmed from the slaves who used the poppets to keep their superstitious owners at bay. In traditional Vodou, the poppet, or pwen, is nailed along with an old shoe to trees near graveyards to act as a messenger between this world and the next. This is not done for ill effect as it is often portrated in movies.

Doll is 12 inches tall and extremely well made. Stick it to someone today!

This doll was issued for a limited time and is no longer available. It has become rare and hard to find.