1938 Embalming/Restorative/Restoration Arts DVD

1938 Embalming/Restorative/Restoration Arts DVD
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1938 Embalming/Restorative/Restoration Arts DVD
1938 Embalming/Restorative/Restoration Arts DVD

Without fanfare, I'm just going to relay part of my conversation with the producer of this fantastic DVD - you can decide for yourself!

Q: How would you describe the footage? A: I'd say, in short, that the scenes themselves are an exact depiction of how morticians restore faces and bodies that were badly damaged. To me it looks like they suffered the damage and disfiguration from accidents, suicide, disease, and possibly starvation.

Q: Can you give us more detail? A: Well, without giving it all away, I can tell you that watching it for the first time was very disturbing...

Q: Like?? A: Like...the cutting away of damaged areas, or even the piecing together of parts. You'll see the whole thing. Close up. The reconstructive process is quite interesting, but you've got to have the stomach, or be a mortician to enjoy the details. You might want to make sure you don't eat a heavy meal before you watch it.

Q: How's the quality? A: Actually, quite good considering the age. The original film was stored properly so it held up well. There is a bit of graininess as you'd expect from an older film - but that gives it such atmosphere!

Q: So, for my customers, what can you say that would make them want to own this DVD? A: Well, you can't beat it for the historic value. It was filmed by young mortician college students and they took footage of the entire process - from the analysis, prep, restoration, and casket presentation - you'll even get bonus shots of plaster casting, sculpting and so forth. As for the shock factor - there's nothing like it out there! It really makes you think about your own demise...

In conclusion, when asked how she found this treasure, the producer replied only that she LOVES packrats.

Here are the details: - Date: 1938 - Format: DVD - silent - Time: 57 min - B&W with some color scenes

Back in stock and ready to ship! This is the real deal folks! Do not watch this after a heavy meal,