Canopic Jar-Anubis-RARE

Canopic Jar-Anubis-RARE
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Anubis, in Egyptian mythology, god of the dead. He was considered the inventor of embalming, the guardian of tombs, and a judge of the dead. The Egyptians believed that at the judgment he weighed the heart of the dead against the feather of truth. Anubis was an important god of the underworld among the ancient Egyptians. It was Anubis' duty to attend to the ritual preparation of bodies, to weigh the heart of every person on the scale of justice, and to judge a person's good and bad deeds on earth.

Hand Painted, Meticulously Crafted in High Quality Resin.

Each piece is individually crafted and painted, so each piece is unique in itself. 10.5 inches tall, 4 inches wide and the head lifts off. This is a large canopic jar! Perfect for holding cremated remains.

This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer and we only have a few left.