Cemeteries VHS/DVD

Cemeteries VHS/DVD
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It's the one journey we all make. On an average day, 5,500 people pass away. And with a regular funeral costing over $5,000, death in America is big business.

Cemeteries takes a long, hard look at the funerary industry, talking to people lie the president of Quirling Monuments and the Senior VP of Operations for Forest Lawn Memorial Parks to get a sense of how it works. Historians reveal how cultural attitudes about death have evolved over time, and how economics has long been integrated into these views--the ancient Greeks, for example, put coins on the eyes of the deceased to pay the tolls required to pass into the afterlife. Now, a basic casket will set a grieving family back $3,600, and more elaborate arrangements, like putting ashes into orbit around the moon, are far more expensive.

No matter how you look at it, death is a very healthy business, with millions of guaranteed customers every year. 50 minutes

This is no longer available on VHS so while we strive to still offer new tapes, we do purchase previously viewed tapes in excellent condition. Most of our tapes have only been viewed once. Soon to be available through us on DVD!!!