Day of The Dead Hot Sauce Three Bottle Giftpack

Day of The Dead Hot Sauce-Three Bottle Giftpack
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Watch out, you will need a fire extinguisher after sampling these three sauces. These are full size bottles of our Cayenne, Habanero and Jalapeno sauces. Please read the description of each sauce below or suffer the consequences.

Cayenne-Great for Chili The cayenne is a native to the tropical regions of the Western Hemisphere. These chiles rose in popularity when they were to Europe by Spanish explorers around the 16th century, thus making it an important ingredient for adding heat to many dishes. It is used in pepper sauces more than any other chile and is often found dried and crushed.

Jalapeno-Hot Probably the most recognized pepper, the Jalapeno measures about 2 inches long with a distinctive rounded tip. Originating from Mexico, the Jalapeno's mild heat level and distinct taste make it the perfect choice for spicing up any dish.

Habanero-Mega Hot If you want hot, this is the chile to choose. Native to the Carribean, Yucatan and Northern Coast of South America, the Habanero presents itself in a variety of colors ranging from light green to a bright red. The Habanero's bold heat, unique flavor and aroma has made it the favorite of chile lovers.