Death History -Embalming,Live Burials and more. On Sale!

Death History -Embalming,Live Burials and more. On Sale!
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Years ago, we were on more intimate terms with death. Life was hard, few people lived long, and the Grim Reaper chose his victims indiscriminately. Today, death has become a remote and private affair, occurring as often in the clinical anonymity of a hospital or nursing home as in the bosom of the family. Yet one thing has not changed: even though we understand its causes better today, we dread death every bit as much as our more primitive ancestors did.

Filled with strange anecdotes and many bizarre images, this book records the lengths to which people have gone to cope with their fears and anxieties about death and dying. Within these pages, you can read about people who have been buried alive, various methods of embalming, grave defilements, and the wiles of contemporary funeral directors who use psychological manipulation to turn grief into a lucrative business. B&W illus. 256pp. hardback. Book is in brand new condition.

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