Death's Detectives DVD-Sold Out

Death's Detectives DVD-Sold Out
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The L.A. Coroner's office handles 30 to 50 bodies a day, examining the evidence of everything from Alzheimer's disease to drive-by shootings, drug overdoses to fatal tumbles down the stairs.

DEATH DETECTIVES is a no-holds-barred look at a week in the life of this vital office. Stare death in the face as coroners open up the bodies of homicide victims searching for clues that might bring their killers to justice. Learn of the many surprising secrets that the dead reveal including how alcohol is a "silent partner" in over half of the deaths attributed to "unnatural causes." The wonders of the human body are exposed in extensive footage of autopsies as are the depravities of the human spirit. Meet the men and women who perform this vital and thankless job, and hear how they cope with the emotional stress of their time spent in the constant company of death.

Get a remarkable inside look at the grisly but fascinating world where the dead speak to the living. 50 minutes. Available only on DVD.

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