Faces of Death Box Set-Real Deal Not Bootlegged Set

Faces of Death DVD Set-Real Deal Not Bootlegged Set
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Probably the most talked about shockumentary series ever. You decide if it's real or not. Murders, suicides,monkey sacrifice, executions, alligators, PSA air crash. Be sure to watch Faces of Death: Fact or Fiction to get the low down on this series.

This is the DVD set which includes volumes 1 - 4 and Faces Fact or Fiction.It also contains the Worst Of. This is a box set. Total of 6 discs in the set. We only sell brand new sets that are factory sealed for your protection.

Be forewarned, there are cheap versions of this DVD set being sold, but when you open them up you will see that there is blank discs inside, no lettering in some cases and bad copies, too. Don't waste your money, you get what you pay for. We go to great lengths to get the real deal, we have a conscience and we want you to be happy with your purchase. This is one of the most bootlegged sets out there and even some of the folks selling them aren't aware of the problem. We are, and we only deal with vendors we know who are reputable and trustworthy.