Not Just Another Dead End Job Class

Not Just Another Dead End Job Class
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Requires a minimum of 5 students for this class to be taught.

This introductory course for budding Funeral Directors includes 2 days of coursework and career exploration. Included in the course fee is a textbook, a visit to a local funeral home and an opportunity to view an embalming video. Lunch is typically held at a cemetery.

We offer the course from Apr-Sep each year. This course is open to anyone who is interested in the subject. You must reserve a spot in the class by contacting us at Tuition may be paid via credit card, check or money order. You must cancel three days prior to attending a class in order to avoid a cancellation fee.

We now have 786 graduates from this course and 780 are attending and working in the funeral industry.

Our curriculum

Day 1 (total time 8-10 hours)

Introduction - Class Instructor

Introduction - Classmates

Distribution of class material (book, hand outs)

History of The Funeral Industry

So You Want To Be A Funeral Director?

Mortuary College / Requirements

How to survive school and your apprenticeship

What the public needs and wants when death comes calling


Q and A over previous topics

Day 2 (total time 8-10 hours)

Visit and Q&A at local funeral home

Show and Tell (tools of the dismal trade and their purpose)

DeMystifying Embalming (your chance to part the formaldehyde curtain) video and discussion

Is This The Job For You?

How to select the right Mortuary College

Other Death Related Professions IF..........

Licensing and Continuing Ed


Q and A over previous topics

Closure, Final Exam and Graduation

Depending on Class size and time needed for questions we may extended this training to 3 days. While this is a curriculum for a small group we reserve the right to revise and re-arrange the curriculum based on the needs of our students.

You will receive our textbook and handouts as part of your tuition payment. Tuition must be paid prior to class attendance.

Out of state students must make arrangement for their own hotel and must pay their own airfare. Other materials are available for sale at each class.