Rare Book on Post Mortem Exams and Embalming On CD

Rare Book On Post Mortem Exams and Embalming On CD
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1873 PRINTING -- Digitized and Presented on CD

Complete title of this scarce 19th Century work reads "Practical Guide for Making Post-Mortem Examinations and for the Study of Morbid Anatomy with Directions for Embalming the Dead, and for the Preservation of Specimens of Morbid Anatomy".

This antiquarian medical book was written by A.R. Thomas, M.D. Impressive volume offered a wealth of information to the Medical practitioner of the 1800's who performed post-mortem examinations. The type of exam which is today routinely performed by the Medical Examiner and specially trained physician.

Among the many subjects receiving attention here include: Method of opening the Abdomen, Abdominal dropsy, Poisoning by Alcohol, Diseases of Anus, Apoplexy, Examination of Arachnoid, Poisoning by Arsenic, Arthritis, Rupture of Arteries, Aneurism of Arteries, Cerebral Arteries, Method of Conducting a Legal Autopsy, Gall Bladder, Cancer, Morbid Growths, Tumors of the Brain, Bright's Disease, Bronchial Tubes, Removal of the Colon, Diptheria, Dropsy, Death from Drowning, Method of Embalming, Instruments required for Embalming, Removal of Eyes, Fractures, Gastritis, Gun-shot wounds, Death from Hanging, Removal of the Brain, Valves of the Heart, Malformations of the Heart, Heart Clots, Hepatitis, Hernia, Intestines, Joints, Kidneys, Larnyx, Removal of the Liver, Emphysema, Meningitis, Poisoning by Nitric Acid, Poisoning by Opium, Poisoning by Oxalic Acid, Pancreas, Parasites in Bladder/Brain/Heart/Intestines/Kidneys/Liver/Lungs/Spinal Cord, Cancer of the Penis, Tumors of the Penis, Warts on the Penis, Pleurisy, Pneumonia, Death from Poisoning, Pregnancy, Preparation of Bones, Preservation of Specimins of Morbid Anatomy, Prostate Gland, Removal of the Rectum, Signs of Death, Fracture of the Skull, Spinal Cord, Spleen, Examination of the Stomach, Death from Suffocation, Examinations of Teeth, Tumors, Tumors in the Uterus, Gangrene of the Vagina, Heart Valves, White Swelling, Death from Wounds (see contents below for full scope of topics covered).

Again, volume covers a myriad of subjects relating to disease, causes of death, anatomy and post-mortem examination. Rare work will be of interest to the physician, embalmer, funeral home director and other related professionals.

337 pages digitized on a CD and in PDF format.