Strange Deaths

Strange Deaths
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A great many things are dying very strangely all the time.

A gleaning of ungraceful exits into the arms of Grim Reaper, Strange Deaths sets out to prove that the ways we die are sometimes more strange than the ways we live. The deaths range from unseemly to ironic---and sometimes downright tragic. In this collection, you can find the stories of:

* The golfer who was kicked to death by fellow golfers when his game was not up to par.

* The serial rapist who died of shock when he discovered his latest victim-to-be was a transvestite.

* The arsonist who boiled himself to death.

* The woman who accidentally swallowed ants and followed up with a swig of insecticide---intending to kill the ants---and offed herself in the process.

Culled from newspaper reports around the globe, Strange Deaths is a catalog of catastrophes the likes of which you've never seen---and hopefully you'll never experience. 126 pages, hard back

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