The Business of Death VHS/DVD

The Business of Death VHS/DVD
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On screen, morticians are almost invariably portrayed as slightly off kilter, eccentrics obsessed with death. But what is it like to be a mortician in real life? THE BUSINESS OF DEATH explores their strange world through the eyes of students and instructors at a College of Mortuary Science. It's a school that believes in hands-on experience. The video follows several morticians-to-be as they complete their training with a trimester in the school's own funeral parlor, honing their embalming and "restorative" skills. But it is not an education that can be left behind at the end of the day; many of the students live and work in funeral homes as they put themselves through school. In candid, probing interviews, these young practitioners talk about why they chose to become morticians. And in traveling with students, teachers, and certified morticians during their daily rounds we discover what the world looks like from their unique and often morbid perspective. 50 Min

This is no longer available on VHS so while we strive to still offer new tapes, we do purchase previously viewed tapes in excellent condition. Most of our tapes have only been viewed once. Soon to be available from us on DVD!!!