Underground Humor-Autographed

Underground Humor-Autographed
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"Edmund Gwenn, the famous actor, observed 'Dying is easy. Comedy is difficult.' Well, any comic will tell you, comedy about dying is really hard. But necessary. For what greater triumph of the human spirit exists than to defiantly mock the grinning reaper, specter of our darkest fears? 'Hey Death: is that a sickle in your hand or are you just glad to see me?'" -- by Anita Wise, stand up comedian/writer. That passage from the Foreword of this book sets the stage as it dares to explore the comical depths of death and black humor hidden deep within us all, featuring: Quaint Quotes About Death from such people as Robin Williams, Woody Allen & Dennis Miller; Funny Funeral Home Stories from anonymous funeral directors, embalmers, pall bearers, and others in the funeral service industry; Hilarious Headstone Epitaphs from graveyards in different parts of the world; and Funeral-Flavored Comics from Non Sequitur & The Wizard of Id.

96 pages 8.5 by 5.5 booksize

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