Unlocking the Mysteries of Embalming Video VHS

Unlocking the Mysteries of Embalming Video VHS
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This 50 min. video has gone out of print and is a special order item. We can only procur USED copies of the video at this time. This is the documentary that started it all. This PBS special allows you to get a look at an actual embalming. It is designed to be shown on public television so it is not as graphic as a training video. Still it has great material on the history of embalming, the purpose and the methodology. . Let us help you start your collection today. This video has retailed for $50 or more new at Amazon Z Shops.

Please be aware that since this video is out of print we cannot guarantee that we can procur an unused copy of it. We will guarantee any previewed copies to be in good shape. .

We are accepting orders for previewed copies only. Your order will only be filled if a copy is available. This video has become hard to find.